Yours truly on @herworldsingapore November issue. Really cool to be a part of a magazine which I've grown up hearing about and always seeing it around the house. Now there's an issue in my house 😂😂 PS: @benjaminkheng looks like he's never aged one bit sia... #herworld #herworldsingapore


We organized an intimate preview launch of Ove, in collaboration with jewellery designer Carrie K @carriek_rocks, who showcased her latest Blessings collection, and Icon collection inspired by architectural forms. Luxury clients & guests were treated to a jewellery bar, cocktails mixed by famed mixologist Kamil Foltan, and a preview of The Iveria. Thank you to all esteemed guests who came down.


FINELYCUP BODY丨New!! Make your body look good and make your skin younger Shapwear 2.0 will be new Inviting "You" to experience black technology FINELYCUP BODY丨上新 让身体曼妙,让肌肤年轻 悦颜悦型2.0即将上新 邀“妳”体验黑科技 #sgmummies #saggingbreast #saggingbody#herworldsingapore #beautiful skin


I don’t know if it’s age but increasingly, I share less about the stark reality of my daily challenges. I’m having a rare moment of “ok let’s be real” right now but it probably won’t last long and I will need to gather some mental strength to not delete this post tomorrow. The last few months have been really, really trying. Professionally, I’ve taken on a role that is my most challenging to date. My imposter syndrome tendency returned once again. All I know is I have a voice and a will to champion connections and stories but I’m not always confident that those alone are enough for this job. Personally, I’m trying to be the best caretaker of a loved one who’s been suffering from depression for years. But I know what I’ve been trying to be and give haven’t been enough and every time I hear a loud sudden sound around me, I fear that’s cos my loved one has decided to drop dead. While at the same time, my constant challenge in my 30s has always been to love my stepkids more and judge less. I’m getting better but I still don’t think I’m great. My new job has put me in a public spotlight that I didn’t specifically ask for. But I know it comes with the job. And with the public spotlight comes meanness. Mostly, of course, from people who don’t even really know me. To the keyboard warrior who commented I can’t speak English properly and because of that, I’m too much of an embarrassment to be an editor of a magazine: truth is I couldn’t speak English till I was 7 years old and it’s always been a chip on my shoulders that I had such a late start. To the person who said you’ll never consider my stepkids as potential godkids cos you don’t consider them as my kids as they didn’t come from my womb, just to be clear, I’d never ask. And the one who said I “had no business being in PFW”, I was just there doing my job. I’m not there to declare war on anyone so there’s no need to play mean-girls’ games or give me a high-school nickname just cos I’d bleached my hair blonde. All I really want to keep the people I love alive. If you know this about me, will you still conscientiously be mean? Please. Can we all just #BeKind to one another? We need more love, not hatred.


Doors Open tomorrow: 58 Kim Yam Road, 10am - 6pm | #TheIveria


Interweaving natural light into our spaces | #TheIveria


Interplay of light | #TheIveria


Featured in @herworldsingapore “24 Good Men - A League of Their Own” November 2019 Issue. Thankful to have the chance to speak about what I do at @youngfoundersschool, impacting youths age 11-18 with the entrepreneurial mindset. Also included a small mention about @kampungcollective, a community for community builders in Asia, a ground-up initiative I co-founded. It’s also the first time I got featured in the local media apart from my modeling works. Thanks to Her World Singapore & Hayley Tai for the shoutout! Really honoured to be featured alongside other 23 awesome men who are doing great work in their respective field. Go get a copy now and show your support! ;) #herworldsingapore


Drone view of the city skyline at dusk (#nofilter) #TheIveria


Cosmopolitan . Contemporary . Timeless. The Iveria - District 9 - Freehold.


Got a chance to experience #taitailife with the "Autumn in Hokkaido" Afternoon Tea set @swissotelmerchantcourt. The service we received today was fabulous! Great job to the staff at Crossroads Bar! #hightea #autumninhokkaido #crossroadsbar #swissotelmerchantcourt #gifted #giveawaywin #thankyou #herworldsingapore


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