One of our team member from Pune, Mrunmayi, shared with us her experience on the blessed lands of Meghalaya. . Here is her story: . "When I had to move to Shillong, out of concern for my food habits, hobbies, and security, my friends found out really amazing things, including the crime rates in Shillong. 😁🤣😃 . However, after seeing the beautiful pictures of Meghalaya on the internet, I was too excited to finally move to this beautiful city. . I visited 5 places that left a lasting memory on this gifted land and its people. 🥰 . 1. Shnongpdeng: So amazed at the beautiful scenery, the dense forest, the calm, crystal clear Umngot river. Boating, zip lining, kayaking, and cliff jumping was absolutely thrilling. 🤩 . 2. Mawlynnong: Well deserved to be the cleanest village in Asia. The Living Root Bridge was a marvelous sight to see how indigenous Khasis built the bridge. 👌 . 3. Cherrapunji: known for the heavy rains and breathtaking views. Looking at these big mountains and landscapes, you forget all your worries. 🤗 . 4. Mawsmai Cave: This cave has different types of rocks, some look like there are dripping from the top. Some parts we had to crawl to go forward. Amazed and scared at the same time. 😧😨 . 5. Mawphlang Sacred Grove: This forest is huge. We went for a 1.5 hours walk to cover one part of the forest out of 3.😨 The locals believed that the forest is sacred and there are guardian spirits that watch over the forest till today. . We finally ended our journey in Police Bazaar, Shillong. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of Meghalaya. I deeply appreciate how hard people are trying to keep it beautiful. This visit made us realize that nature's beauty needs to be preserved in our respective lives as well." . Now that's Mrunmayi's story. Thanks @mrunmayi.sr 👋 . Have you visited Meghalaya before? What's your part of the story? . #meghalayadiaries #meghalayatourism #meghalayaphotography #meghalayatrip #meghalaya #meghalaya_diaries #discovermeghalaya #meghalayaunexplored #meghalayapictures #meghalayaatitsbest #meghalayabeauty #mesmerizingmeghalaya #meghalayandiaries #meghalayalandscape #exploremeghalaya #incredibleindia #indiapictures #india_undiscovered


Have you ever visited Nohkalikai Falls before? . Did you know that this waterfall was originally called 'Umiong Falls'? . There is a legendary story about this beautiful falls in Sohra, Meghalaya 🌲, after which it was later called Nohkalikai falls. . Here's how it goes: . There was once a village called Rangjyrteh, close to modern Sohra, that stood on the banks of the Umiong river. The village doesn’t exist now but those days its inhabitants were known for their industry and resourcefulness. . In Rangjyrteh village lived a young couple who loved each other dearly. U Rang, and his wife, Ka Likai.💑 Though poor, the couple lived a happy and contented life. Soon they had a baby girl, their bundle of joy.👶 . A strange sickness came over U Rang and he died, leaving Ka Likai and their infant daughter behind.😮 . Months went by and the toddler grew in age and intelligence. Ka Likai so wanted to give her daughter a better life but the doors remained shut. Some neighbours suggested that she remarry. She was still young and healthy, they reasoned, and a husband would provide for the family while she took care of her baby and the household. . This idea of remarrying was abhorrent to Ka Likai. But at last, she decided to remarry in the hope that she can give her baby a better life. . The villagers helped find a groom from another village who, they were told, was a fine young man. He was at first good but a few months after marriage, he bared his true colours. He turned out to be a complete good-for-nothing fellow, a time-waster who only lazed around the neighbourhood.😮 . Then something more tragic happened.😟 . Do you want to know what happened next? . Read the whole story on our blog to find out why this waterfall is called 'Nohkalikai' Falls. . Check link in Bio. . #nohkalikaifalls #meghalayadiaries #meghalayatourism #meghalayaphotography #meghalayatrip #meghalaya #meghalaya_diaries #discovermeghalaya #meghalayapictures #meghalayaatitsbest #meghalayabeauty #mesmerizingmeghalaya #meghalayandiaries #meghalayalandscape #exploremeghalaya #incredibleindia #india_undiscovered #folklore image credits: @mahesh_portraits @nomads.shillong @msmotovlogs @whats_in_a_name__


The landscape of Meghalaya is absolutely breathtaking and 70 % of the state is covered in forests! Within these forests are spellbinding spots like the Wei Saw Dong falls in Cherapunji , the rainbow falls at Tyrna and the ancient Arwah caves in Sohra where fossil formations, limestone structures and stalagmite and stalactite formations believed to be millions of years old.⠀ .⠀ We experienced all these places on our trip to Meghalaya at the end of November, and together with our group of 12 travellers, it was a blast!⠀ ⠀ Join us for next upcoming tour. Details coming soon!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #Meghalayadairies #meghalayatrekkers #meghalayatourism #meghalayaatitsbest #meghalayaseries #discovermeghalaya #meghalayatrip #meghalayaunexplored #meghalayafood #mesmerizingmeghalaya #meghalayapictures #incrediblemeghalaya #beautifulmeghalaya #mesmerisingmeghalaya#nohkalikai #mawsynram #cherrapunjee #lakeumium #sohra #spelunk #livingrootbridges #mawsmaicave #rewaivillagelivingrootbridge #mawlynnong ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


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