What makes you present in the moment? #PlanetYOU #momentwork


Our 2019 highlights traverse the globe from teaching in Beirut, Lebanon to collecting research and interviews in Poland to performing here in our NYC home. Tectonic is in the midst of the most productive time in our 28-year history, and we need your help to keep the momentum going. This Giving Tuesday, please invest in the next generation of engaged artists and groundbreaking plays. Gifts of all amounts help us to create the rooms where theater can be explored and created. #linkinbio


We began... and we ended. One of the most eye opening, visceral, and enthralling workshops I’ve been a part of. Thank you @moiseskaufman @tectonictheaterproject @pittsmca @delucksva for the amazing opportunity and experience — 100% recommend 🔥 #momentworkinstitute #momentwork #tectonictheatreproject #acting #workshop #nyc


Our staff spent the last two days planning and dreaming for 2020 and beyond while on a retreat upstate. Between the Moment Work Institute and new plays, we have some big things coming that we can’t wait to share with the world!


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