be good. be bad


All smiles because I’m on my way to Sushi!🍱🍤


after final’s week attire • 𝓣he 𝓝orth 𝓡emembers 🐺


business as usual


A little tease of what’s to come this Monday✨


THE PERFECT SHAPE. We take into consideration every little detail when curating our collection! Our Desi Cropped sweater is made of a gorgeous (and super warm) black speckled knit. It has slightly puffy sleeves for that perfect casual but put-together look. And not to mention, it cuts you off right at the small of your waist—super flattering! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Shop our new winter collection on the site now!


It’s been raining every single day and it’s DEPRESSING. So here’s a light outfit on a sunny day that I loved 😭 But for reals, I’m actually super glad I’ve decided to take on a daily workout challenge now. I’d be way more sad and low energy if I wasn’t getting some movement in every day. I never thought I would be able to fit a workout into my schedule every single day but it honestly hasn’t been that hard. You have more time than you think 💭


Happy (almost) 10 years of friendship. From @aritzia in Toronto to Vancouver and now the UK. Thank you for trusting me with creating an aesthetically pleasing Cheetos bath to late night talks about life as we know it. You’re the butter yellow to my honey beige. #304forever


Back at home.. uh.. I mean LA 🖤


If you ever have the opportunity to stay at The @fairmontroyalyork, I highly recommend the Gold Lounge! It was such an incredible experience all around and I’m still dreaming of this staycation! Thank you @thedeltaforest for bringing me along! 💛🌿💖#FairmontGold #fiddleleaffig #bigallihats


23 looks good on you 😍


Y ahora estoy aquí, disfrutando la mejor versión de mí 🎄 . . #MyAritzia #Aritzia #TorontoChristmasMarket


Weirdly enough I miss summer☀️


When you is hungry but bae insisted on taking a photo with them lucky cats 😂 if you look closely, you can see that I’m eyeing @yangschicken real hard 😳😂 #myaritzia #aritzia #chicken #chinese #nomnom #foodie


The stages of Christmas gift shopping 🎁:⁣ 1️⃣ I got plenty of time 😌⁣ 2️⃣ OH NO 😳⁣ ⁣ I feel like we are quickly approaching the “oh no” stage very soon 😳😰


mele kalikimaka or whatever you want to say• also unpopular opinion but really don’t like trees that have no red. is it xmas without red?•


But you’re gonna miss me more 🌙 — I never knew I could feel so many emotions at once. Extreme adulting just entered another level. I feel like I’m finally starting to live the life I’ve always wanted. — At the beginning of this year, I was at a job I hated, I was miserable in my relationship and I felt so trapped. Now I’m doing this entrepreneur thing for the 5th time over, but everything is actually falling into place. I didn’t start again from scratch, but I started again from experience. I am finding wholeness within myself and even though I’m heartbroken, I’m also happier than ever. — My bff/literal ride or die, @celestialsoulhealing, and I used to always talk about wanting to live together, but our previous circumstances didn’t allow it. However, fast forward to now, we signed a lease within 2 days and are getting the keys in less than a week. Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe in manifesting your dreams. The universe is always on your side, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Everything will happen in the right timing. I went through the storm for YEARS so that I can truly appreciate the rainbows now. I can’t even contain my excitement for this next chapter 😭💫


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