Level up. The person you will be in five years depends largely on the books you read, the people you spend time with, the food you eat, the habits you adopt and the focus you put into each day✨ @revolve #revolveme


My current emotion. My boyfie @itsmattsullivan will be flying back to the US tomorrow morning and I am super sad 😢 I hate being apart from him.


All in my head 🖤


When it’s 80 degrees in Florida and the rest of the world is freezing :)


With all the new LOFT style that’s been on my feed lately, here’s a throwback to a find from a few years ago! I think this shirt is so feminine and pretty 😍 fun fact about me: I worked at LOFT for a little over 2 years! It was the job that made me fall in love with retail and pursue a dream of working corporate retail. I thought it was so fun- one of my favorite jobs!! . . . . #loveloft #loftgirl #loftgirlforlive #retailgirl #fashionlover #allthingafashion #memories #inspiration #careergoals #femininestyle #ruffles #floral #velvet #hairaccessories #pearlheadband #marshallsfinds #abercrombiejeans #fryeboots #ootd #realoutfitgram #discoverunder1k #followunder1k #newfashionblogger


I’m sure you can’t tell but my life is not very “fancy” 🤣 I don’t have a bunch of holiday parties to go to, so I don’t like to spend a lot of money on stuff I’ll only wear once! Let me tell you this chenille cardigan and velvet cami are gorgeous and they are on sale for $14 and $15 😱 I honestly can’t believe it! Both can be worn so many ways and for those prices you can’t beat them! My exact necklace and purse are not available but I’ve linked a couple affordable very similar options for both. 🛍Shop the link in my bio or your screenshot of this pic with the free LIKEtoKNOW.it shopping app @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2I1mQ #liketkit #LTKholidaystyle #LTKsalealert #LTKunder50 #holidaystyle


I was dreaming of snow ❄️ today! We had snow in the forecast today which is a rare occasion for us here in The DFW area. So, I took advantage and dressed for snow! We all wanted to see some flurries but we never did. I love the weather here in TX but I hope we see at least a little snow this year! Where do you live? Post in comments where you live! I would love to see where everyone is at!! . . You can shop this and all my looks on the free LIKEtoKNOW.it app!


YOU MIGHT WANT TO SIT DOWN FOR THIS ONE... _____ Not too long ago, I would show up on social media and have NO CLUE who I was talking to. Here I was with over 20K real Instagram followers, of which I’m extremely thankful for, earning brand deals I could only dream of, yet, when I typed a caption or even wrote a blog post, I didn’t know who I was talking to. I know, sounds crazy right?! ___ You see, I had ZERO intention. I thought a cute photo or witty caption would be enough. Long story short - it ain’t. Why? There are a plethora of good photos and captions out there that are trying to garner all the “likes”. And I realized that was my biggest issue: I was chasing likes instead of chasing my person, or rather my avatar. ______ So now, when I write a caption or blog, I’m talking to my avatar, Michelle. You see, Michelle is a lot like me (our names both start with “M’s” 😆). Michelle is honestly me 10 years ago. A little silly, a tad bit lost but eager to do something different (also present me but that’s a different caption/story lol 😂). Michelle is trying to figure out this whole social media thing, wanting to work with brands, maybe even start a business but can’t seem to find what works or sticks. ____ And I want to help Michelle so it doesn’t take her nearly 10 years to do what I did in a matter of 2 years (p.s. I wasted a lot of time those first 8 years). I’m trying to be Michelle’s social media bestie and fast track her towards success (however she defines it of course 😉). _____ Each and every time I show up on any platform, I’m talking straight to her. It’s taken me a bit to understand and find my avatar but let me tell you - now that I have, things are SO DAMN CLEAR. ____ Now I have to ask: by the show of hands, who else is missing their social media avatar? ✋ And do you want help to find them? If so, let’s talk in the comments👇 I mean it, let’s figure this out together because you shouldn’t wait 10 years to find your own Michelle damn it 😂 (she totally looks similar to Michelle from Destiny’s Child in case you wanted a visual 😆)


With or without the beanie??❄️ When I was in college I used to wear beanies everyday during this time of the year even when it wasn't that cold♥️ Are you a beanie fan or neh?


I had to share these! I just got these booties, and I absolutely love them! I’m thinking they will go with almost everything. Macy’s is having a fantastic sale right now and these are 50% off! I’m wearing my usual shoe size. . . . You can shop my look by downloading the free LIKEtoKNOW.it app search lovinmysunnylife or screenshot this pic and shop it in your app. •My top is from Target, it’s no longer available, they have a similar blouse I linked in LTK.it • I also linked a couple other cute booties from Macy’s http://liketk.it/2I10I #liketkit @liketoknow.it . . . #macys #bootieseason #leopardprint #luckybrandshoes #luckybrand #fashionista #newfashionblogger #momstyle #fallfashion #fallweather #sunnylife #floridagirl


This is what night time in Florida felt like. 🐒


@brynny_md looking stunning wearing a Naughty Girl dress for our Holiday Dinner Party at Tao. @dressforum


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