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I sit in class reading scary ghost stories bc I literally cannot concentrate on property law😬😬 ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OTHER VERY BEST BFFFFFF!!!!🎉🎂❤️🥳🥳Finally in the 23 club😏


No caption cause I’m tired


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so you see, i need olive you babe. (my attempt at a clever caption) fit is mostly thrifted. #percyfits #film


Here are some things I’ve learned lately: 1. Loving others and kindness is much more important than being right. 2. There is purpose and beauty in God’s silence. In a world where we can get anything at the press of a button-learning to be still in the quietness is oftentimes forgotten. 3. Value those people in your life who love you. Those ones who support you no matter what. And tell them how thankful you are for them. Every. Single. Day. 4. Show up for people. People remember who goes out of their way to support them. Be the friend who champions others and encourages those around you. Most of the time that means just showing up. Our time is our most valuable asset-use it to show others how much you love them. What have you learned lately? #sunshinelikerachel


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My typical morning. . Coffee and something on the go, because i don't have time to have breakfast at home. What am I doing wrong?! 🤔😬 . How could you find time for yourself with more than one kid?🤔


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I have a final tmr????? wHY😤😤


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Do you have any clothes in your wardrobe, that you received from your mom, grandma or sister and the originally belong to them?💕 - And you kept them for a year and you're still wairing them?🥰 Some of you might have clothes that have an even longer history. Clothes that you have since 20-30 years. Please tell me! This coat was originally my sister's coat and it's already 8 years old. I'm telling you - if it doesn't fall apart - even my dauter will still be going to wear this.


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