Aromatherapy is extremely stimulating to the senses as it can be felt all throughout the body. Essential oils play a vital role in my daily self care/stillness practice. From providing a calm sensorial experience to creating an energetic buzz, @vitruvi will always be my favorite. The diffuser it self is the epitome of luxury as it is made of porcelain stone. The essential oils are divinely aromatic upon opening. The extraction process is one that I applaud as all of the oils are from organic sources. I use oils of eucalyptus and lemongrass during meditation. I love using the diffuser without any essential oils or as humidifier-being that my home is quite dry. @vitruvi thank you for being apart of my day


The ending😂😂


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Are you looking back on 2019 as the year of growth it was? So many I know have truly shifted from the inside out. It was a profound year that didn’t necessarily go down smooth. But you did it. And you are more aligned with who you are meant to be, as a result. Deep gratitude to all the players who hit the right notes that pushed us to our limits and the subsequent breakthroughs. Honoring all the events that transpired to move us out of our comfort zone for maximum growth, and for the support from the unseen that fed us courage and sustenance when we practiced sitting in stillness. . . If you’ve lived this year as I know you have, there’s no need for a New Year’s resolution overhaul. You’re good. It’s more about refining and visioning, so you can co-create what’s next. There’s no need for a hard left. You’re already on the road. And it’s good to remember, when the world is peddling ‘you need to be better than you are next year’ to say ‘no thank you.’ We’re just here continuing what we’re doing saying yes to life, love, and a deep connection to ourselves and something greater. Roger that. . . . . #gratitude #instagratitude #thoughtfortheday #spiritualpath #emotionalsobriety #newyearresolution2019 #appreciateyou #appreciatehowfaryouvecome #ryanhaddon #poosh #pooshtheboundaries #lovingyou #slowingdown #supportfromtheunseen #instaspiritual #lifecoach #spiritualcoach #hypnotherapist #honoryourjourney #proudofyou


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