I love sambal chilli and I love crispy pork belly. Combine these two into a dish, and oh man, I’ll be happy to say, “COME TO MY BELLY!”. . And I’m very picky when it comes to chicken curry, because I think my mum makes the best but of course, I’m bias too, and really also she makes it more spicy and I love 🌶. However, I must say, @fuxiangsignatures’ chicken curry has won my vote. Great balance of 21 types of herbs and spices, goes real well with 🍚. . Rice is nice but if I really have to choose only one, I usually pick noodles, and indeed I did. Tried their sambal chilli seafood noodles and it was satisfying.


Let’s toast to a Sweet Sunday! _ #frenchtoast #rockymastersg #alldaybreakfast #maplesyrup


This is how we ROLL~ Having a rolling good time at Kei Kaisandon with Mentaiko Kaisendon and Hotate Kaisendon. All these come with either sushi rice, salad or both! Complete your meal with soup, salad, drinks or salmon. 🍱🍱🍱 🔥Weekday Promotion🔥 Free Eggs, sesame tofu and soup with any order of mains! This only valid for K1 to K12 from their menu at the Marina Sq outlet. Only from Monday to Friday from 11 am - 9.30 pm! 💌 Thanks to @keikaisendon.sg for having me!


WAJIK & SERAWA PROMO ❌ PLS DO NOT PM YOUR ORDERS ✔️ COMMENT YOUR ORDERS BELOW WAJIK & SERAWA PREORDER PROMO PREORDER ENDS 20/11/19 (WED) Delivery Date: 21/11/ 2019 (THU) MENU: 1) Wajik Gula Melaka (Soft) 2) Wajik Gula Melaka (Crunchy) 3) Wajik Durian (Soft) 4) Wajik Durian (Crunchy) 5) Serawa Durian Only 6) Serawa Durian & Pulut - - ⬇️HOW TO ORDER⬇️ Please place your order in the comment below with this format:


.⁣⁣ 🍫Midnight Classique ($6)⁣⁣ 📍@roa_midnight .⁣⁣ This pretty looking double dark chocolate cupcake with petals and gold sprinkles is perfect for those looking for a low calorie dessert! It is vegan friendly and gluten free using psyllium husk instead of sugar and eggs, and avocado instead of butter. ⁣⁣ ⁣ The dark chocolate was rich, smooth and creamy yet light and not overly sweet. But I am probably not used to the taste of cupcakes made from psyllium husk or avocado so I found the taste a little strange. It was nonetheless still yummy and most importantly, healthier than the standard cupcakes!⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ #sgbakery #midnightclassique #naiiseiconic #naiise #sgcake #cupcake #doublechocolate #veganchocolatecake #sgcupcake #sgfoodporn #sgfoodies #sgfoodgram #sgfood #sgfoodstagram #sgdessert #glutenfree #sgeats #mobilefoodphotography #mobilephotography #teampixel #teampixel3 #misstpwenEATs


Wholemeal soft sourdough loaf🌾


Squid stuffed with pork and beans. #chefstalk #chefdup


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