my first self-portrait 😂


Common knowledge. 📷


Seek truth. 📷


After hearing about this cave from our lodge owner, we set off to find it down a pygmy elephant trail near the Kinabatangan Conservation Area. We were told to watch out for a particularly territorial bull elephant that likes to hang around. Although we didn't see the elephant, we ran into a group of aggressive wild boars which chased us for several hundred metres into the jungle. If you have never seen a Bornean wild boar, seriously google it. They're the scariest looking pigs I've ever seen. Especially when it's charging at you through the jungle 😂 #borneo #kinabatanganriver


Bagaimana kisah mu hari ini ? Sudah menulis pengalaman apa hari ini ? Cuma mau ngingetin 2019 tinggal setengah bulan lagi loh 😁 yokk bikin cerita di akhir tahun . Ngajakin aku main misalnya (: #miniwalkseries #whp_id


A short getaway from the life of med, The first time baby girl see the vast ocean,


Never forget your roots. when i pressed the shutter button, that was when everything changed. this was taken with an samsung galaxy s9+ this was my first picture ive ever taken. 10/17.


Ready to get out the city again


every day


A couple of months ago, I took a trip with work to shoot a commercial. Earlier mentioned to a friend, had I not failed at a certain point in 2017, I wouldn't be at my current job. I wouldn't have went on this awesome shoot where we made a set, had a professional hair dresser @rouge_lbk , traveled back in time, and just had a great time with friends. Fail often, and get right back up. The future looks bright. Anyway here are some photos from that #videoshoot from my job @creative_cannon . . . #videoproduction #creativesoftexas #creativecannon #videography #productioncompany #darktones #darkmobs #toneception #tonesbox #igtones #gramslyers #throughthelens #shooteverything #shooteveryday #visualgrams #canon80d #canon #sonyhomies #sonyalpha7ii #mirrorlessrevolution


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