Fresh pineapple juice Best when cold but still banging if warm Definitely one of the best juices on its own without being mixed with any other fruit ( like apple juice or orange juice) Anybody who doesn't like this thinks bum fluff gets generated in a strangers pelvis and you definitely have a problem with medicine because you think its the FBIs plan to slowly kill you whilst you think its helping 9/10


Always get the green cap milk Any other such as the blue and red one need to be dashed , booted and burned with acid If you dont have milk with cereal then please tell me what you eat for breakfast McDonald's or plain toast People who drink milk on its own cant tie there shoe laces and still havent learnt how to breathe 8/10 with cereal 6/10 on its own


Handmade #Greenwich Galvano-Magnetic wooden clock - Shepherd Gate clock. Original and unique gift. Worldwide Shipping. Available in: www.woodentek.etsy.com . . . #UnitedKingdon #ChristmasGift


Later on, we'll conspire As we dream by the fire To face unafraid, the plans that we've made Walking in a winter wonderland


Розыгрыш подарков ко дню Святого Николая ⠀ Декабрь - время чудес, поэтому я решила приложить к этому делу свою руку) И разыграть от себя 3 нужных приза: набор по уходу за полостью рта, набор моих чек-листов по путешествиям и денежный приз - 500 грн❤️ ⠀ По условиям будет все просто: ⠀ 🔥нужно быть подписанным на меня @columbovna 🔥 поставить лайк на это фото 🔥на протяжение недели смотреть мои сторис и собирать буквы ключевого слова. Каждый день в сторис будет спрятана 1 буква кодового слова. Как только вы ее находите - пишите мне в директ эту букву. 16.12 будет спрятана последняя буква и вы сможете узнать слово) 17.12 среди правильно отгадавших я разыграю подарочные наборы ⠀ P.s. принимать участие могут все желающие) Город, страна для меня значение не имеют - подарочек отправлю в любую точку мира, где есть почта👌🏻 ⠀ Верьте в чудеса. Хватайте за хвост свою удачу, пока это просто, и добро пожаловать в мои сторис 🤳🏻


Lunch break: Da da da da da I'm lovin' it.


This is the drink that year 8s get gassed over when there mum lets them have it at a party Anybody who takes pictures with these in their hands really need to be hit round the head........hard How can you be boasting to your 11 yr old mates a about a 4% blue drink Its actually not to bad taste wise but only drunk by ygs If you want to drink this just dont get caught or you'll be known as a battyman 5.5/10


Sentry Duty - Tower of London - Jewel House My hat is off to these guards. It was extraordinarily warm (for London) the day this was taken, but he has his orders. One of a contingent of the Tower Guard (1 officer, 6 NCO's and a squad of 10 to 15 soldiers) the Jewel House sentry works alongside the Yeomans Warders and Jewel House wardens to protect the Crown Jewels. Don't be fooled into believing that these guards are purely ceremonial, these are active duty soldiers providing one of multiple layers of protection to both the Crown Jewels and what is essentially still a Royal residence. . . Touring the Tower of London and its associated buildings (the Jewel House and The Queen's House) is a fantastic way to step back in time and learn of England's past. @HistoricRoyalPalaces #RevereRoaming #TowerOfLondon


Location: Heathrow Night Arrivals 27R Camera: Fujifilm X-T2 Lens: Fujifilm XF16mm F/1.4 @fujifilmx_uk @heathrow_airport #xf16mm #xt2 #fujifilm #repostmyfujifilm #england #city #london #unitedkingdon #aircraft #heathrow #uk #avaiton #aerospace #27r #aircraft #airplanes #planes #jets #greatbritain


It's Monday again. • • 📸 @angelacoomey 📍London 🎧 Skinny Love - Bon Iver • • #inspo #favs #london #places #city #christmas #party #breakfast #monday #england #unitedkingdon




I did make it into that booth... 🇬🇧 . . . . #traditions #london #england #unitedkingdon #birthdaythrowback #throwback #phonebooth #birthday


One of the greatest alcoholic beverages there is Only people named adularaham vodakora would disagree I personally think that this wonderful drink should be loved by every human being unless you were born in a canal as you lot dont have taste buds Any living thing that doesn't enjoy this drink thinks satan is a climate change protester and counts money Kelvin metres Only eat biodegradable products if your a bin scavenger Always remember to punch someone 3 times harder if they punch you 9.2/10


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