#OutfitRepeater 👯‍♀️ The first photo is recent, and taken in #Bergen, #Norway. The second photo is from about seven years ago in #Oxford, #Uk . I’m wearing the exact same brown t-shirt, similar jeans, my trusty #DrMartens, and a borrowed #umbrella in both shots. The #bikerjacket is not the same, as you can tell. The one I’m wearing in the old photo gave up on me a few years ago, so the new one was the replacement. Lol! Can you tell I tried finding the same jacket over again? I just loved the old one so much I replaced it with the most identical one I could find 😆🖤. Also, when I talk about #personalstyle vs. #trends, this is what I mean. My personal #style hasn’t changed that much, because I know what styles, colours, shapes, hairstyles, accessories, and shoe styles/shapes that work for me and what doesn’t. So, I stick to what suits my body and colouring, and feels like me. I like to think of #style like building a brand. You want your clothes to look and feel like you, and be so recognizable that shopping becomes easy. Because you can tell right away if something is for you or not. . If you always feel like you need something new and have nothing to wear, even though you have lots of clothes. I recommend looking through your old outfit photos to get inspired by what you already own (like I did with this #outfit). Most of us have lots of great clothing options at home, we just need to remember what they looked like on, and what we loved about them. If it’s your style, color and shape, it should still be great on you. So, take your old clothes and find new ways to wear them, or just bring back a good classic.💃🏻 . . #idealiststyle #ecoexpressyourself #slowfashion #buywearrepeat #lovedclotheslast #fashion #rewearyourclothes #stylerepeats #sustainableliving #sustainablefashion #greenfashion #consciousliving #consciousconsumer #recyclefashion #qualityoverquantity #thinkqualityoverquantity #buylesschoosewellmakeitlast



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