Repeating one of my Diwali dresses for this Dhanteras . Of late, I have developed this urge of breaking away from the pressure of dressing up, purchasing all the new and junk on each & every festival. There is so much of pressure to look good, to wear new clothes, to not repeat what you wore last time. . Nowdays, it's like if you wear the dress once and get clicked and put it on insta, the dress is over. Your 2-10k (averagely) are over in a click? . I read this article once on #stylerepeats which stated that men tend to be more productive at workspace than women also because they don't have to engage in what to wear, accessorise, shoes, ways to wear and other hassles that mostly working women goes through every morning . I am sure we must be aware of the fact that, after Plastic, it's the textile industry that's causing more pressure on our environment and creating pollution . Because of so much of demand of new fashion and styles, production houses are producing more than ever . So, let's go back to basics. Remember how we started making fun of our dadis & nanis for using old towels, t-shirts and other clothes for mopping, cleaning & dusting. But that was the way of sustainable existence ↪️Donate or give them away to your domestic help, needy, in orphanages or to NGO's (plz make sure they are in wearable condition 🙂) ↪️Create new styles with old dresses ↪️Do you know, you can use your sarees in home decor, as cushion covers, curtains, if you aren't ready to give them away . If you agree do add more of your ways👇🏻 Let's be mindful of everything around . Being the moms, we can apply this as we are the home ministers of our households 😇 .. Dhanteras is about abundance. Let's indulge in mindful abundance while being sustainable and giving back to environment at the same time. Dress by @westsidestores . @momspresso #happydhanteras #minimalist #greendiwali #ecofriendlyliving #mindfulnesspractice #festivewear #festiveseason #festivevibes #happydiwali #diwalivibes#coppercolored #coppergold #diwalidecorations #tweakindia #charities #daanutsav #joyofgivingweek #sustainabledevelopmentgoals #saynotofastfashion #momspressoblogger #mumfie



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