Its Tuesday but not a transformation Tuesday it’s actually a style repeat! I was on @linkedin and saw a post by @ariannahuff whom I admire so much. She wrote about #stylerepeats which is basically women wearing and rewearing the same outfit again and again. And how that process saves us as women a ton of time, energy and money. Which I am all for because I buy an outfit and like it and want to wear it again and again. Anyway, I #stylerepeated like @tiffanyhaddish And @ariannahuff this dress I got for Eid and for my shoot last week in Doha! And plan to wear it so many more times and here’s why: it is a maxi, long sleeved dress. Which means I have 0 work to do besides find a hijab and shoes. No hot tight uncomfortable body shirt or cardigan or blazer. No pants or leggings. Literally I just throw this dress on and my shoes and hijab and I’m done. Which is a dream come true for me as a hijabi. I can wear it so many other ways because I can match it to any color of the flowers. So far I did pink for eid, and red for my shoot. I plan to do black as well! And I think grey and blue too. What do you think?



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