“Always wear fabulous underwear, even if you are the only person that is going to see it.” - Unknown ——————— Having underwear that makes you feel confidant and beautiful, even if just for yourself, is one way to lift up your spirits on a not so fabulous day. I love finding new prints, colours, and designs but it’s not exactly cheap. Also, digging through bins is not always something I have the time for. ——————— Luckily with @bootaybag_ I can get new undies every month shipped to my mailbox in my size and style that I prefer! It’s super easy to sign up on their website -link in bio- and take their little quiz. With subscriptions for one panty or two panties a month you can always have a cute new pair to feel your best in whilst you take on the world. ——————— This month I received a sleek black panty and also a bright orange and pink pair that remind me of the sunrise. -swipe to see- ——————— Would you rather receive undies each month in the mail or dig through bins at the store? ————— ———— ——— —— — #bootaybabe #subscription #underwearsubscription #bootaybag #womensunderwear #feelconfident #beautifulinsideandout #ladiesundies #keepitsimple #shoppingonabudget #savetimeandmoney #ladiesfashion #ootdfashion #selfietime



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