Why do I order my child’s footwear from Europe you ask?! This is why: 1. They are different. 2. Light weight. 3. Orthopaedic. 4. Extra warm with real wool inside. 5. Tight around the leg. 5. Natural divers so your foot can breath. And most importantly my daughter loves them! To anyone who’s done their research on children’s shoes here’s the obvious; 1. Uggs are not warm enough. 2. Geox only good for thin feet. 3. Sorrel are heavy, foot doesn’t brief hence always wet feet. Plus heavy. 4. Bogs wide, foot travels inside, sweats all the time. Do your research. Feet carry us all day long make sure to treat them well. And I’d like to deny misconception that European shoes cost more. If you are paying $100 for sorrels, bogs, uggs you have enough for better quality boots for the feet that have so much growing to do. #loveshoes #childrensboots #childrensshoes #qualitymatters #itdoesnthavetobeabrandnametobegood



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