Today was crazy. Just another day in the life as a school counselor. Before I knew what school counselors did, I really just knew them as high school counselors who wrote letters of recommendation for college. Today I helped a mom who doesn’t have internet at home apply to a job so she can provide for her kids, I also dropped off cards for students whose mother just passed away this week and played badminton with them in the backyard, conducted lots of counseling sessions, went to IEP meetings to provide resources to parents, and made sure 73 students received their backpack buddies food so they could eat this weekend. My job is hard but such a blessing ❤️ every day brings a unique challenge, but I’m so happy I get to serve others and help people in need. . . . . #schoolcounselor #counselorsrock #counselor #mentalhealthawareness #lovemyjob #ncweddingphotographer #birthphotographer #weddingphotographer #birth #birthphotography #brihinesphotography



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