Finished my #poi in the back of a van en route to a gig in Taranaki with @calypsofiredance, Alex and Markus. Overall, messy prototype that got the job done. Testing required to determine durability. Lessons learned: 1) cut the Kevlar closer to the poi head when finishing the knot (looks like the trending haircut in #Wellington). 2) make the burial deeper on the splice. It seemed like the buried tether might get pulled back out. The silicon taped section was extra long to compensate for this and hold it together better for the gig. Now I will be burning the poi (carefully) until failure to see how it lasts (or if it even is a problem). The tape could be even on the poi too lol. 3) this knot (Isis, inferno? Which name is correct?) Uses heaps of Kevlar, about 5m per head. And I still need to make a more permanent finish to the handles and fill them. Hot glue gun? Resin? #firepoi #firespinning #DIY #sharedknowledge #opensource #craft #fireandflow #hawera #taranaki #aotearoa #newzealand @fireandflow_wgtn



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