10-year flash back alert!!!! Not too long ago I had an 'awesome idea' for an installation art piece for my fine arts degree that I was studying at the time. It was my last assessment and after fumbling my way through I finally had an idea that I was BEYOND PASSIONATE about, my bestie Teegs was a legend and posed as a model for this interactive installation (thank you eternally). It was this piece of art that was a game-changer for me. I wanted to document all my hard work (also want to sat thanks to my legend of a sister for helping me hang 1000 felted balls for this project, I have repaid the debt so I don't feel bad ahahaha). I then wanted to take and display the photographs of this work as a part of the final exhibition.... the only problem was I needed to learn how to take a photograph, I needed to learn to shoot in manual mode.... as a point and shoot flash DID NOT cover it at all!! So this is where it all began. It was where the passion grew from. It was at this point that I realised this was such a special gift to be able to document moments that people could cherish and relive in the years to come, it's the gift of time travel, the gift of memory-making and creating, and the gift of showing people how awesome they are by capturing their hearts and souls as they embrace their passions and loves in life. I love my job and its so fun having a weeeee flash back to see how far the journey has come!



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