Sis, when you love yourself you’ll love the skin you are in. I told a client that you can think yourself into confidence or low esteem. Because the bible says that so a thinks, so is he. Affirmations will help you boost your self confidence that will boost your self worth. I love giving people affirmations to help them love themselves more. People ask me how I can do social media without makeup. Knowing I don't really have eyebrows. Well makeup doesn't make me and my confidence is within. After the wig comes off and the make is washed off who are you. There was a time when I was going through my divorce and I had nothing. Everyone around me knew as a woman who had it all. Going from something to nothing was a hard pill to shallow. I would get dressed up and hide all my hurt and walk into my apt before I laid on my mattress, and take off all the make up. Yep I was back t the harsh reality that I was back to my broken self. Healing years later I want to let women know that makeup can't hide hurt. No matter how ON fleek your eyebrows are. If your self esteem isn't on fleek. You'll soon find your soul getting weak. You owe it to yourself to heal and be the beautiful confident woman you are with or without makeup. Healing is essential my sisters and I know it's hard. However when you do you'll appreciate yourself. #rachelgwoodson #fbf



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